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Strawberry Laser Lipo

Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment involves a method similar to our machine but it uses laser technology. The treatment involves attaching small paddles directly onto the skin in the chosen area.

Once attached, laser beams are emitted to penetrate the skin to the layers of fat. The fat cells then forms little pores, allowing glycerol, fatty acids and water to ‘fall out’. The fat cells are then reduced in size.

The treatment does require you to exercise for half an hour to a hour within 12 hours of having the process. If you require multiple treatments in one session, you will be required to do more cardiovascular exercise.

Sadly, the results vary a lot depending on how much exercise you do and how soon after the treatment it takes place. The price varies too, but typically starts at around £150 for a single treatment.

The Slimming Rooms LipoFirm Plus vs Strawberry Laser Lipo

Slimming Rooms Lipofirm PlusStrawberry Lipo
No anaesthetic?No anaestheticNo anaesthetic
Immediate results?Immediate resultsVaried results
Fat cell destruction?Permanent fat cell destructionVaried reduction of fat cell size
No exercise required?Result not reliant on exerciseResult reliant on up to 1 hour of exercise
Effective on cellulite?Very effective on celluliteNot effective on cellulite
Price?£800 (8 Treatments)£1000+ (8 Treatments)

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