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The question you’re bound to be asking yourself is – does Lipofirm really work?

The answer is yes, it does!

It may sound too good to be true, but we have a long list of clients who have slimmed down quickly and easily, without even breaking into a sweat.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Take a look at just some of the amazing results our clients have enjoyed. Most of our testimonials are videos of our happy clients sharing their experiences.

What other weight loss clinic can boast that?

See what our happy weight loss clients have to say

Check out testimonials from our happy clients below. Most of our testimonials include videos of our client themselves sharing their experiences with The Slimming Rooms.

If you’d rather just see some before and after photos, we’ve put together a gallery for your here.

That was much more different than I thought it would be. It was cold, but not unpleasant. The little buzzing in the ears was a bit weird. But I was really surprised at the result. Very very impressed.

Marianne Marianne

With the help of The Slimming Rooms, Barry has lost 6cm of fat from his stomach and tightened the skin, in just 4 weeks, making him feel amazing!

Barry set himself the challenge of losing the weight of one tin of baked beans – just under half a kilo (1 lb) – every day.

Barry Barry

I’m really impressed. I was very sceptical before I came. I had my treatment with Terry – it was amazing! He really put me at ease and the whole experience was fun and friendly.

Lindy Lindy

I feel amazing, absolutely fantastic! I lost just under 3″ just from sitting down for 20 minutes. I would recommend this without a doubt.

Sarah Sarah

It’s definitely worked for me. I’ve lost a good 6-8 inches around my stomach, which is my main area, and it’s coming off and it’s still coming off – which is brilliant.

Robin Robin

It was a really relaxing experience – it just felt like having a hot massage through nearly all of it – so that was fantastic. My jeans are definitely looser.

Terri Terri

I’ve just lost three inches off my legs after twenty minutes treatment. Beats going to the gym for an hour! I’m not in agony. I’m not sweating. I’m not puffing and huffing. My jeans are looser and my legs are so much smoother.

Jane Jane

I lost 8 stone in 7 months to become a proud father-of-the-bride.

I was in denial about my weight. My family hated my mood swings and my daughter was embarrassed by how unfit I was. On school sports day, I was unable to take part in any of the events – this had to change!

Peter Peter and his daughter

Massive thank you to the Slimming room and Terry for such a fantastic service. So far I have lost an amazing 10-12 inches in size loss on my stomach and the same amount on my thighs.

Mel Mel's results - side

I lost about 3 and a half inches on my stomach in about 24 minutes! I didn’t have to do any any gym work, start eating healthy… This worked, it’s so fast!

Kyle Kyle lost 3.5 inches in 24 minutes!

I’m really impressed.

I wouldn’t say that I’m the kind of person who had a weight issue but I’m really conscious of that “bit” that kinda pokes out!

Charlotte Charlotte

Amazing – I cannot believe the transformation on my arms. I had bingo wings! And look, if you can see – nearly gone. Not quite but nearly there! I’m really ecstatic!

Alison Alison

It’s great – I feel great!

I’ve lost 3 inches from my stomach which, I think, the benefits of something like this is – I do exercise, I go out and exercise but you want to see results quickly as well, so combine a bit of exercise with a bit of healthy eating with this and to lose 3 inches in 20 minutes is remarkable and I’m expecting to lose another inch in the next 72 hours!

Ross Ross

I genuinely feel like this is working. I’ve tried so many faddy diets, Slimming World, Weight Watchers but after two treatments, my trousers are baggier and I feel better.

Helen Helen

My name is Vicki and I have been in denial about my weight for some time. I’ve used every excuse in the book, like: looking after the family, work, always rushing around and feeling tired – sound familiar?


I feel absolutely fantastic! I have to say, I’m very surprised at the results, but I can physically see a change to my thighs after the ultrasound. I feel great, my legs look great and I can’t wait for the next session.

Jade Jade

In 6 weeks I’ve lost a stone and a total of 10” around my belly and the fact that you come in here then you leave and you’re smaller is great!

Kathie Kathie lost 1 stone and 10" with The Slimming Rooms

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